Spring Cleaning: 5 DIY Kitchen Cleaning Tips

March 9, 2018

Kitchens are one of the first parts of the house that visitors see and my mother always made it a point for the kitchen to be in pristine condition. Sometimes it can be difficult to find spare time throughout the busy work week to do a deep clean on the kitchen, but we’re here to provide some helpful cleaning tips ...


Spring Cleaning: 5 Annual Household Chores

March 8, 2018

These are the chores that you’ve been putting off for the last 6 months. But, I have some good news for you,  the Florida weather is starting to get nice again and most of these chores are outside. An author once wrote: “No time better than the present, I always say…or was that “Nothing is better than a present”, I ...

Spring Cleaning: The 5 Grossest Things in Your Home Right Now

March 7, 2018

Spring means a few things in Florida: Spring Cleaning and Pollen. Since everything is more satisfying than pollen, we will be discuss Spring Cleaning today. Pillows Pillow cleaning “rule of three”: At least every three weeks, you should wash your zippered pillow protector (and you should definitely have these!); at least every three months, you should wash the pillow; and ...