House Cleaning Orange Park


A Trusted House Cleaning Service in Orange Park!

Has house cleaning become yet another stressful job in your day to day life? Does it seem to be growing in size with each passing week? Well, it’s safe to say that as your home gets messier and disorganized, so does your life! Maintaining a clean, organized home leads to peace of mind in your dwelling, and achieving that is easier than you think. All you need is Orange Park’s most reliable and trusted house cleaning service to keep your home in tiptop condition!

What Maid In Jax Can Do for You

The scenario we’re about to paint for you is no exaggeration:

Imagine coming home to floors so clean you could eat off of them; bathrooms as sparkling and sanitary as the ones in 5-star hotels; neatly made up beds with crisp linens; a kitchen so clean you’d want to spend all your time in there; furniture, walls and pretty much your entire home, dust-free; have we lost you in a daydream with a satisfied smirk on your face? Then snap out of it (for now) and take a look at the endless services we offer at Maid In Jax. It won’t be long till you’re actually living this Orange Park daydream! Our aim is to provide cleaning services that literally take care of all your home cleaning needs so that you don’t have to lift a finger to clean or tidy up ever again!

Why Choose Us Over Others

There are several factors to take into consideration when hiring a maid service. You need one that is experienced, trustworthy, dependable, and goes the extra mile to clean from top to bottom. At Maid In Jax, our cleaning staff is highly trained and experienced in tackling even the most challenging cleaning jobs. We strive to be the best in the business so you get 200% effort with every clean!

If you’re worried about security, you needn’t be. We pride ourselves on being a team of honest, integral and enthusiastic cleaners. Thoroughly background checked and proven to be efficient and hardworking, our cleaning staff will delight you with their charming personalities, communication skills and cooperation.

Our list of services is another reason why most Orange Park residents choose us as their #1 cleaning service. No cleaning company goes the extra, extra mile to clean like we do. No surface or component of your home is left unclean and that alone separates us (by leaps and bounds) from the rest.

More About Maid In Jax

We are a Orange Park-based company with plenty of happy customers in and around Florida. Our positive customer reviews is testament to the exceptional cleaning services we provide and for that, we are forever grateful to those of you who take time out to rate us! We owe our status as Orange Park’s most trusted cleaning service to our loyal clientele who push us to keep up our high standards!

Customer satisfaction has, and always will be, a top priority at Maid In Jax, so if you’re looking for a permanent maid service you can rely on, we are just a 60-second booking away!